Servizi WineZone


WineZone aims to valorize products that can be explained, commented and narrated, from their origins, background, relationship, to their production and aging techniques.

We mostly interface with institutions, small, medium and big producers to which we offer integrated communication strategies, with the goal to increase visibility and the purpose to thoroughly explain who they are and what they do.

Servizi WineZone

Our expertise allows us:
• to intervene on brand name creation/re-design and label layout;
• to create unconventional websites based on emotional marketing principles;
• to manage and maintain Facebook and Twitter pages;
WineZone’s intent is that of giving eminence to products, explaining and commenting their inside meanings, telling about family/countryside traditions, territory history, hard work and culture. We start our approach from the same perception final consumers have, giving them the tools to understand, in an independent way, the real quality of the product, without being influenced by external conventional classifications.

Servizi WineZone

WineZone services therefore are meant to create, organize, set up and promote all those events and exhibitions interrelated with the wine world.

It is often difficult for wine producers to find the time, and sometime also the resources, to get out of their vineyards to follow, as they would like to, their customers and their products promotion.

Servizi WineZone

Thanks to our lean and flexible structure organization and to our competences integration, we offer winemakers a concrete support to be “represented” at international exhibitions, at wine tasting events, and at any other happening to which they might want to participate. We ready to spend with them all the necessary time, in the vineyard and in the cellars, in order to be able to tell the story of their wines and exalt their strong points.