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Wine Consulting Services. Let’s have the wine, the people who make it and the experience talk.

​WineZone creates and organizes events aimed to create an integrated communication within the wine world.

Chi siamo

Andrea Zarattini

Lawyer. He provides his legal services to a company in the Energy Supply business. He organizes wine tasting classes since 2004, studies wine and people who makes it. His deep liking for grapevines is so intense, that he chose to buy a house on the top of a hill, surrounded by rows and rows of grapevines. Andrea cooperates with many wine producers and local administrators to organize events, with the intent to promote local wines and give them visibility. He has been recently called to be part of several evaluation boards in National enological contests. His true passion is studying the soil - grapevine interactions. Waiting to find the next work of art wine, he keeps on feeding his already significant bottle collection that he stores in his enviable cellar.

Chi siamo

Stefano Pancera

News Editor in Chief. He is in the business since 1990, working at visual communication, and he is currently employed at Mediaset, Italia Uno, editing Studio Aperto News.
More recently, his passion for wine, brought him to realize several TV reportages on wine environment. He despises wine guides’ ratings and produces, on his own, a special Barbera Superiore, which he persists in keeping off the market.

Chi siamo

Emanuele Varino

Banker. He works at a local bank headquarters. He is deep into numbers, but his fascination is for images… static or in motion, black and white or technicolor. On TV, he would only watch commercials. Advance graphic software compensate his poor drawing attitude, allowing him to create printed and online commercials, brand names designs and packaging solutions.
His relationship with wine: he drinks, drinks, and then he drinks some more.

Chi siamo

Serena Andreoni

Event Planner. She works in the Luxury Goods events since almost 20 years, starting with Giorgio Armani, covering responsibility roles in Italy and abroad. Lately, she has become a freelancer, working for the main Champagne brand names in the Moet Hennessy Italia Group, with special assignments for Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot e Krug.
She loves the sea more than wine, and loves to travel. But if she is forced to do some winetasting…